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Some of the work that SQW undertakes is published or made available by our clients. Examples of our recent reports are given below:

Jun 2010

Zero Waste Report and Modelling Capability (504KB) >>

Evaluation of the UK-Russia BRIDGE Programme (1MB) >>


Apr 2010

Working for Higher Education


Mar 2010

Economic development and regeneration in austerity


Jan 2010

Housing associations: playing a wider role


Carbon Management Strategies and Plans: A Good Practice Guide (444KB) >>


Local Economic Assessments


Supply of Equity Finance to SMEs - A report to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (582KB) >>


Dec 2009

An analytical framework for community empowerment evaluations (760KB) >>


Stopping the spiral of decline? Understanding the importance of social networks in a recession (860KB) >>


Nov 2009

City of Nottingham - Sustainable Community Strategy (Nottingham Plan 2020) (6MB) >>


Quality, Risk and Regulation: Collaborative Provision and Employer Engagement in Higher Education


Oct 2009

Employment Recovery - Local Solutions for a National Challenge


Sep 2009

Participatory Budgeting - Lessons From Recent English Experience (26KB) >>


Jul 2009

Oxford Investment Opportunity Network Ltd (OION) Investment Network wins BBAA Angel Network of Year Award (26KB)>>


Jun 2009

Science Parks as an Instrument of Regional Competitiveness: Measuring Success and Impact (129KB) >>


Mar 2008

Northwest Business ICT Survey 2007 (851KB) >>


Feb 2008

Economic Impact of Glasgow Prestwick Airport (551KB) >>


Jan 2008

Analysis of HEIF 3 Institutional Plans (148KB) >>

Impact Evaluation of Spinno Programme in 2001-2006 (746KB) >>


Nov 2007

Learning from Evaluation - UK Evaluation Society Conference 2007 (447KB) >>

Promoting Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas (420KB) >>

Evaluation of Quality of Life Fund (585KB) >>

Winchester District Economy and Employment Land Study (2MB) >>


Oct 2007

Carbon Reduction - Obligation and Opportunity (743KB) >>


Aug 2007

Westminster population research 2007 (782KB)>>