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See the latest news from SQW Consulting below, or click on the archive links to view news from previous years.

SQW produced a report entitled "The Economic Contribution of Equalities Communities in the North West" on behalf of the NWRA. The report maps out the regional picture with regard to equality and diversity, considers where vital information or evidence is missing and makes recommendations for further activity or investigation. To view the report, please click here.
Bill Wicksteed, a Director of SQW, gave a key speech at the Planted World Conference in Dublin entitled "Clustering, Collaboration and Competitiveness". The presentation introduced the theoretical grounding of the cluster concept; provided descriptions of the make-up of current clusters in the UK and Europe ; reflected on what actually happens in a cluster to increase competitiveness; suggested some questions to raise when considering whether a cluster approach is appropriate; and, finally, outlined a sequence of actions for implementing a cluster initiative. To view the paper on which this presentation is based, please click here.
SQW in conjunction with LUC have prepared an Integrated Regional Strategy for the East of England on behalf of the East of England Regional Assembly.
Bill Wicksteed, a Director of SQW, gave a key speech entitled "Elements of Attractiveness in the Knowledge Economy - Reflections from Cambridge and Singapore" at the International Association of Science Parks Conference in Bergamo. The presentation described the comprehensive and integrated strategic response that Singapore has taken to increasing its range of attractions in the knowledge economy and from the Cambridge experience. To view the presentation paper, please click "here"/publications/archive#p31.
SQW has conducted an evaluation of the Investment Readiness Demonstrator Projects and Fit4Finance on behalf of the Small Business Service. The study assessed the effectiveness and efficiency of the approaches to improving investment readiness taken by each of the seven demonstrator projects in order to identify those practices which might be replicated elsewhere in the country. To view the report, click here to go to our publications page.

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