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See the latest news from SQW Consulting below, or click on the archive links to view news from previous years.

MATRIX, the Northern Ireland Science Industry Panel, has published an eight-volume report on how Northern Ireland can best exploit its science and technology capabilities to ensure economic growth and wealth creation. Volume 7 of this report explores how public procurement can be used to find and implement innovative solutions to issues faced by the public sector and to support small innovative businesses in Northern Ireland at the same time, and was prepared for MATRIX by SQW in association with David Connell, and acknowledged expert on this topic. To read Volume 7, click here. The entire 8-volume report is available from the MATRIX website.


Chris Bronsdon presented the findings of SQW's work on skills issues within the Wind, Wave and Tidal Sectors at the British Wind Energy Association's Annual Conference and Exhibition: BWEA30 held at the ExCel Centre in London's Docklands on Thursday 23rd October.


The report - "Today's Investment, Tomorrow's Asset: Skills and Employment in the Wind, Wave and Tidal Sectors" written by Patrick Bonnett, Mitra Nataraj and Grendon Thompson highlighted the future skills needs of the sector over the period to 2020 together with assessing current provision of skills relevant to the sector within the UK and identified key stakeholders and partners operating within the skills arena of potential interest to BWEA.


The report was released to coincide with the Conference. To read the report, click here.

As part of Aiming High for Disabled Children (ANDC), the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) commissioned SQW, supported by Gerry Zarb from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, to undertake a scoping study prior to the piloting of Individual Budgets for Families with Disabled Children. The primary purpose of the scoping study was to inform the development of the IB pilot programme.


A multi-method, iterative approach was adopted to ensure we built a comprehensive understanding of existing evidence on the effectiveness of IB and interventions of a similar nature for families with disabled children. The approach included a review of literature, and consultation with a range of stakeholders, local authorities and families with disabled children.


The research resulted in three publications:


- IB Scoping Study Main Report - which sets out the key findings of the research


- IB Scoping Study Literature Review Report - which outlines the findings from the initial literature review


- IB Scoping Study Case Study Report - which presents five of the six detailed case studies undertaken as part of the research.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has published the final reports from the national evaluation of the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinders. The evaluation was delivered by a team of universities and consultancies led by SQW. Undertaken from 2002 to 2008, it represents the largest study of neighbourhood management in the UK. The two main reports published were as follows:


- The Final Evaluation of the Neighbourhood Management Pathfinders - People, Places and Public Services: Making the Connections - This report draws together the six year evaluation of the 35 Neighbourhood Management Pathfinders, summarises the evidence and offers final conclusions.


- Neighbourhood Management: Beyond the Pathfinders: A National Overview - The second report looks beyond the Pathfinders at the nature and extent of neighbourhood management across England. It draws on a national survey of local authorities, an evidence review and new case studies.


A theme report on community cohesion and neighbourhood management has also been published. All of the reports of the national evaluation from the last six years can be found on the project website: http://www.sqw.co.uk/nme

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